Booking rooms


Pets are allowed at The Hermitage hotel.

Rates for accommodation with pets:

  • 55,00 BYN per a one small breed of dog (less than 5 kilo) or a cat;
  • 90,00 BYN per a one middle or a big dog (more than 5 kilo).

Hotel pet policy:

  1. Pets include dogs and cats only.
  2. Pet owners have to have a health certificate issued not later than 30 days ago.
  3. The amount for accommodation with pets is charged every day during the stay and aimed at the general cleaning after check-out.
  4. A physically disabled person has the right to live with their seeing eye dog free of charge.
  5. You are not allowed to bring animals to the restaurant, gym and other public places.
  6. Guests have to take a food bowl with them. It is forbidden to use hotel dishes for feeding pets.
  7. It is forbidden to use shower cabin and bathtub for washing animals, as well as for combing them.
  8. Pet owners have to have a tray for animals.
  9. Dogs are not allowed on the hotel lawn. Please, clean up after your dogs.
  10. Room cleaning is carried out without pets in the room.
  11. If you do not have a cage for pets, it is forbidden to leave pets in a room alone.
  12. Pet owners are responsible for the property damage.
  13. The hotel can refuse to accommodate or terminate the agreement in case of violation of the rules and animal aggressive behavior.