Booking rooms

How to pay by card?

Payment by bank payment card.

  1. For booking, select the date of arrival, the date of departure, the room you like, the number of guests, the necessary additional services.
  2. After choosing the service, an electronic invoice is generated for the guest for full (100%) payment, or payment of the cost of the first night. To complete the payment procedure, the guest will be redirected to the secure secure page of the WEBPAY™ payment system.
    The WEBPAY™ electronic payment system is a convenient means of payment for goods and services on the Internet. This is an opportunity to make payment for your order using a VISA or MasterCard plastic card. The secure WEBPAY server establishes an encrypted connection over the secure TLS protocol and confidentially accepts the data of his plastic bank card from the client (card number, holder's name, expiration date, and control number of the CVC/CVC2 bank card).
    To verify the authenticity of the cardholder, i.e. authentication, such modern methods of information protection as Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are used. VISA and MasterCard cards of all types are accepted for payment. We recommend that you first check with your bank that there are no restrictions on online payment on your card.
  3. After a successful payment is made, the guest automatically receives a notification to his email address.
    Attention! Please, after making a payment with a plastic card, save the received electronic card receipts (payment confirmations) for reconciliation with the statement from the card account, in order to confirm the transactions in case of disputes.
  4. Please note that the WEBPAY™ electronic payment system does not charge a commission for transferring money from a card account. Please check with the issuing bank where your card account is opened about possible commissions for currency conversion and card account transaction services.

If you have not received a message (letter) confirming your reservation, you need to contact the technical support service by phone and e-mail. Managers will definitely advise you.

Cancellation of the reservation.

  • for standard guaranteed bookings: cancellation no later than 1 day before the date of arrival is made without penalty;
  • for non-refundable fares: free cancellation is not possible.

The guest cancels the reservation independently by clicking on the "Cancel reservation" link in the voucher, or by notifying the hotel of the cancellation of his reservation by letter sent to the official email address of the Hotel reservation department

In case of late cancellation (less than 1 day before the date of arrival) and/or in case of no-show, a fine of 100% of the cost of the first night of stay will be charged, unless otherwise provided by the rules of the selected fare.

A documented request for cancellation of a reservation is considered only a request made in writing. The hotel is not responsible for cancellations made orally.

In case of a refund, the actual transfer of funds to the client's bank card account may take from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the terms and conditions, interbank processing centers and banks involved in this operation.

The refund is made to the same card from which the payment was made.

To make a payment with a plastic card for booked rooms and additional services, you need to perform a few simple steps.

After agreeing on all the booking conditions, you will be automatically redirected to the secure payment page of the service WEBPAY™.

We do not store information about your data. You enter your card details on the website WEBPAY™, which provides all the necessary degrees of information protection. We are the official partners of the company ООО «WEBPAY» and ОАО «BPS-Sberbank».
1. Choose the type of your card from the suggested list.
2. Enter the 16-digit number of your card
(type 1234 5678 1234 6789).
3. Enter the name according to its Latin spelling on your card.
4. Select from the drop-down lists the month and year of expiration of your card (it is indicated on the front side of the card).
5. Enter the three-digit code printed on the back of your card.
6. Enter your e-mail to receive a message about the payment acceptance by the systemWEBPAY™, and a phone number so that technical support staff can contact you promptly, if necessary.
7. Enter a numeric code to protect against robots.
8. Click the «Pay» button.

Please note that the Hotel will contact you directly in order to be able to perform the prepayment procedure. Prepayment must be made within 5 days after booking. Otherwise, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel your reservation.