Programme: visiting shopping mall “Belarusian knitwear” (working hours: Monday-Saturday from 6.00-13.00), visiting brand-name shops “Nelva”, “Lakbi”, “Milavitsa”, “Serge”, visiting shopping mall “Didas Persia”.

Description: Visiting shopping mall “Belarusian knitwear” is a place which attracts connoisseur of fashionable and stylish clothes. The shopping mall is the biggest women’s clothes store from the best sewing Brest manufacturers in Belarus. There are more than three hundred pavilions offering the best quality of Belarusian knitwear at low prices in the shopping mall. “Milavitsa” and “Serge” are of one of the leading Belarusian underwear and knitwear manufacturers on the territory of CIS. There are clothes boutiques and a café “Golden Coffee” at the shopping mall “Didas Persia”.

Tour length: 3-4 hours.

Tour price includes transfer services.

ООО "Инвест-М"
УНП 290472994
7 Chkalova Str., 224005 Brest, Rebulic of Belarus