Tour programme: Visiting a historical-military museum named after A.V. Suvorov in Kobrin city, Kobrin city tour, visiting historical places, visiting ostrich farm in the village Kozishche, the opportunity to taste ostrich meat and buy gifts.

Description: Kobrin city is regional centre of Brest region. The city is associated with the name of (?the) Great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov. Kobrin city and residence “Kobrin key” were granted to the great commander by Catherine the 2nd. The commander had stayed at this place from 1797 to 1800. There is a monument in honor of Alexander Suvorov in the city. There is a historical-military museum at former gentry farmyard where lived Suvorov for some time. It is the only museum in Belarus that bears the name of ? Great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov and directly related to Suvorov’s life and work. The main feature of the museum is authentic items of XVI - XIX centuries.

Not far from Kobrin city in the village Kozishe has come into existence a very interesting place that is very popular among tourists. It is Ostrich farm. Excursion to Ostrich farm is a great chance to relax, admire the beauty of exotic animals and nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Tour length: 5-6 hours.

Tour price includes transfer and guide services.

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