City tour programme: visiting the memorial complex "Brest Fortress", the Museum of Brest Fortress, a sightseeing tour of historic and up-to-date Brest attractions.

Description: City Brest is situated at the border between Belarus and Poland. Brest has its ancient and rich history. Brest is the first Belarusian city that acquired the right of self-governing. It was Brest land where Jagiello and Vitovt worked out a defeat plan of the Crusaders. Very soon, the city will celebrate its 1000th anniversary, in 2019. One of Brest’s modern attractions is considered to be forged lamp alley represented in the form of Gogol’s literary characters.

The main tourist attraction is the memorial complex “Brest Fortress –Hero”, situated at the old barracks on the central island of the fortress- Citadel.

Ancient Russian fortress was built by the order of Russian Tsar Nicholas the first in the 19th century. The Brest Fortress went down in history twice: here at the White Palace in 1918, was made peace between Soviet Russia and Germany, here its garrison held a heroic line at first days of the Great Patriotic War.

Tour length: 3-5 hours

Tour price includes transfer and guide services

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7 Chkalova Str., 224005 Brest, Rebulic of Belarus